Corporate Responsibility

“At ACRES, we pride ourself on fulfilling our responsibilities as an exemplary corporate citizen through our principles and our culture, which empower our people to make an impact in the communities in which we work and do business.”

Mark Fogel
President & Chief Executive Officer


As a commercial real estate lender, we recognize our role as a steward of the communities in which we lend by evaluating and monitoring the environmental risks of each investment we undertake. We seek to promote a sustainable environment in our workplaces by using resources as efficiently and responsibly as practical and using equipment and supplies that minimize the environmental impact.


We recognize that our people are our most important asset and that their well-being is paramount. Through our workplace behavior policies, diversity, equity and inclusion initiative, training programs, wellness and health benefits and charitable ventures, we are committed to providing our people with a safe, supportive and rewarding environment in order to promote their success in all aspects of life.


We operate with an emphasis on ethics and compliance to provide our stakeholders with confidence in our business practices. We are overseen by a diverse, qualified and independent Board of Directors that ensures that our bylaws, charters and policies are responsive and set a tone of compliance that permeates throughout our Company.

Human Rights

We are committed to the protection and promotion of human rights in all aspects of our business dealings. Our culture of respect extends beyond our employees, and includes all individuals with which we do business. Our policies and culture seek to establish standards whereby we do not tolerate violations of basic human rights of life, liberty and security. We do not condone inhumane treatment, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, mental or physical coercion, forced labor, child labor, human trafficking and slavery.